Tuesday, 7 December 2010

David and Jonathan

In light of the recent news that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has finally been nobbled  we at Baptileaks feel that in the interest of truth, liberty and freedom of conscience we ought to step into the breach.  We are looking to God for a double portion of Julian's spirit as we take up at least one corner of his mantle and continue his work for the kingdom in our own small corner of the Lord's vineyard.

This blog which is protected by the latest security software will pursue what we believe to be its God-given mission of lifting the baptistery cover of denominational life within the Baptist Union of Great Britain.  We shall move the immersion heater to one side, peer past the surface scum into the murky waters and reveal fearlessly what lies beneath.

We have already been contacted by lovers of truth within The Pentagon Baptist House.  Our sources have provided us with some potentially church-shattering documents and once our team of lawyers have given us the green light the information will be posted here.

Watch this space, and remember John 8:32

Here's the first document to have come our way since Baptileaks was founded. It casts a whole new light on BUGB President Jonathan Edwards' Christmas newsletter.

Some have suggested that there are certain features of the letter that could be taken to indicate that it is a fake.  However, after rigorous scientific analysis we can confirm that it is utterly genuine.  Shocking, but genuine

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