Wednesday 25 May 2011

New Head of Faith and Unity. The Word Is Out.

We can now confirm that, contrary to earlier rumours, Harold Camping has not been short-listed to replace Graham Sparkes as the new head of faith and unity.  A source close to the  General Secretary has told us, "We are sad to have to report that Harold is no longer under consideration.  No one could question Mr. Camping's suitability for the post, his profound grasp of theology and evident prescience are as plain as the meaning of the book of Revleation but unfortunately negotions broke down when he insisted on a ridiculously short term contract."

Baptileaks have heard that the new front runner is one Terry Jones.  It is less than clear though just which Terry Jones our leaders are touching up.   Is the erstwhile Monty Python star set for a surprising career move?  Or maybe the scouse former mission advisor has been persuaded to renounce his Trappist vows and return to Didcot?  Baptileaks would advise their readers to put their money on a third option.  We understand that in the light of their disappointment following the break down of negotiations with Harold Camping, the powers that be are now prioritising the interfaith dimension of the job and have come to the conclusion that God's man for this key ministry is Jones the flame from Florida. 

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